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Locations we cover in San Diego

San Diego, noted for its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and various neighborhoods, is a thriving city. Amidst the rush and bustle, LNDRY, your trusted laundry partner, provides services in a

Dry Cleaning or Laundry: How To Choose Between The Two?

Deciding between dry cleaning and machine washing can be difficult when it comes to our valuable items. Did you know improper washing methods can severely harm certain fabrics? This blog

Washing Soda vs. Baking Soda: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better for Laundry?

Washing soda (sodium carbonate) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) are inexpensive and environmentally beneficial ways to maintain a clean home and laundry. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the two

How to preserve my bridal dress? Tips and Tricks!

Congratulations on your wedded status, Bride! There are many things on your post-wedding checklist, but we want to emphasize one that you may not have considered: wedding dress preservation. There

What Is Laundry Stripping and Should You Do It?

What You Need to Know It’s no surprise that doing laundry correctly is a difficult activity that may rapidly become a never-ending one, especially when there are numerous people in

How to Care for Woolen Clothes this Winter?

Wool has been a popular clothing material for thousands of years due to its permeable and absorbent properties, as well as its comfort, warmth, and style. Wool, when properly cared


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