How do I receive my LNDRY Bags for first order?

When you sign up online, we'll reach out to you to deliver your LNDRY bag.

How do I begin using LNDRY?

Sign up online, we'll contact you to drop off your LNDRY Basket, schedule your first pick up on your account.

What is the LNDRY reminder service?

LNDRY sends you a friendly reminder the day before your scheduled pick-up via text message so that you never forget.

How do I pay for LNDRY services?

Once you have registered, LNDRY will process your card for each order. You can review a detailed receipt via email on by accessing your account.

What is your pick up & delivery schedule?

LNDRY will have a team member in your area Monday - Saturday (we're closed on Sundays*). Our hours of pick up & delivery are from 10am - 3pm. (* We are open for Hotel Delivery and Pick-Up on Sunday)

What does it cost to use LNDRY services?

Clean & Fold service is $45/per Basket Tote. Please visit our services and pricing page for more info on pricing for dry cleaning and laundering. There is no additional charge for pick up and delivery service.

Does Clean & Fold provide spot treatment?

No, we do not provide this service with Clean & Fold. Please contact us individually for stain removal and use our dry cleaning & launder services for delicate items.

What detergent is used?

We offer scented detergents, non-scented and detergent for delicate skin. Our norm is to use the scented detergent, unless otherwise requested.

Do we hang dry items?

No, we do not offer this service for Clean & Fold items. We recommend using our dry cleaning or launder option for delicate items.

How soon will my laundry order be delivered to my home/office?

You can be assured you will receive your dry cleaning/laundry back within 2 business days.

What if I have questions?

Please use the LNDRY “Chat” function on our website. We will be extremely attentive to your needs. You may also submit an inquiry below or call us at 619-233-0980.

What is the size of the Clean & Fold Basket Tote?

The bag fits about 27 - 30 pounds of close. We recommend weekly or bi-weekly usage for a single/double use.

Who does my cleaning?

LNDRY is exclusively owned and operated. All services are done by the LNDRY Team. This ensures both quality of service and sterilization that many other cleaners cannot guarantee.