Lucky Duck Foundation

Leading San Diego in caring for its most vulnerable citizens

Funding and activating high- impact homelessness programs

LNDRY has partnered with the Lucky Duck Foundation (LDF) to support their efforts to fund and activate high-impact programs throughout San Diego City and County that alleviate the suffering of homelessness. Since 2005, the LDF has successfully raised funds and awareness for various charitable causes. and since 2017, LDF has concentrated its efforts on addressing homelessness.

In partnering with LDF, LNDRY will pick up any clothing or shoes you wish to donate from your home or designated location and deliver them to homeless service providers throughout the City & County to support employment and education seekers and more.

LNDRY will provide each interested Client with a special Lucky Duck Foundation LNDRY bag that can be requested on the LNDRY website or App. Just tap the app to request a pick-up and we will remove these from your possession, clean them, and put them to great use. What a great way to do something good while making your closet happy!