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Clean and Fold
  • Free pick-up and delivery

    Please leave your LNDRY Tote and laundry bags in your desired location! And yes, unlike delivery food, our delivery service is actually free!

  • How much does it cost?

    Choose the Clean & Fold service for everyday laundry cleaning. The Basket Tote costs $40 and fits around 27-30 pounds. You can learn more here. For other prices, visit the other service pages on our website.

  • Free laundry bag

    Our eco-friendly LNDRY Tote and laundry bags will be provided at your first pick-up. Not only do you save time, but you also help the world by using less plastic.

  • Knowledgeable support

    Available via chat
    Phone (619) 233-0980
    Email: service@LNDRY.COM

  • Do you deliver in my area?

    We have been serving San Diego for 15+ years; so If you live in this great County, most likely we can do your laundry and dry cleaning. If you are located outside of our service area, please contact us.

  • What is the turn-around time?

    After your items are picked up, you'll receive everything perfectly washed, folded and organized in less than 48 hours. That is quicker than you can do them at home!

  • Do you clean house-hold items?

    Yes, please check out this cool page on our website or contact us for pricing

  • Do you clean bedding?

    Do you clean bedding? Yes, not only do we clean bedding, blankets and household items we think you will love the time you save NOT cleaning them!