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LNDRY Basket™

The world has evolved into a technological super-dome. We can tap our mobile device and get a ride to the ball game, a meal delivered to our home, and Zoom like the Jetsons! That we are still doing the chore of daily laundry is archaic and about to change. At LNDRY, all you have to do is schedule a pick-up by text or logging in to your portal, and your laundry is done (by us) and delivered for free. Really, you never have to do laundry again!

Best Laundromat San Diego

How LNDRY Basket™ Works: 


Dry Cleaning San Diego

Place your laundry in the bags provided. Login to our online portal to schedule a free pick-up and drop-off.

Wash and fold San Diego

Home or office, no need to be there. Simply leave your TOTE bag in a designated area and a LNDRY Team Member will pick it up.

Best laundromat San Diego

Guess what? We’ll deliver your laundry to a safe, designated area of your home or office, without you needing to be there!

Pricing Cart

Size: 10W x 24L x 18H - 27-30 pounds average per bag

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How big is the LNDRY Tote?
A: Each tote is 10x24x18 and holds between 1-2 loads of laundry.

Q: How do I receive my first LNDRY tote?
A: We can deliver your LNDRY tote the next delivery day if the account set up is complete with an address, contact information and payment method!

Q: Does LNDRY hang dry items?
A: We do not offer the option to hang dry items.

Q: What detergents do you offer?
A: We have All Free and Clear and Arm & Hammer Oxi Clean Max

Q: Do you spot treat or pre treat fluff and fold items?
A: No, any items needing stain removal will need to processed as dry cleaning.

Tip: If there are items within your tote that are labelled for dry clean only, they will be removed from your tote and processed/priced per piece as dry clean unless otherwise noted by you the customer.

  • We Clean & Fold everything!
  • You've got this in the bag.
  • If it zips it ships.