It’s not 100 Years Ago!

1922 was a long time ago…100 years to be exact and how things have changed– thank goodness!

100 years ago laundry took the average household over 60 hours per week! Can you imagine? That’s more than a full time job! Baby diapers were cotton and had to be boiled before being vigorously washed on the washboard. 

Check out these photos from Poway Park that show the laundry process 100 years ago!

While the modern washing machine came in 1937, most homes were not equipped with necessary plumbing or electricity to run the washing machine. It would take decades before washing machines became a common household appliance!

You know what else was common 100 years ago? Horse and buggy’s! Let’s just say we’re glad for the invention of the motorized vehicle. Thanks to that, we can pick up your laundry, wash it for you, and deliver it back! 60 hours of laundry, who? Not you!

Visit www.lndry.com to schedule your pickup.. And don’t worry, we won’t be picking it up in a horse and buggy!


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