6 Surprising Things You Should Be Cleaning

Check these lesser-known cleaning tasks off your to-do list!

Kitchen counters. Toilets. Bed sheets. Showers. Area rugs. These items probably land on your cleaning to-do list at least once a week — or we hope they do, at least.

But what about the objects in our homes we think about cleaning less often? We’re rounding up a list of some of the things you may be surprised to learn you need to clean regularly and offering a few suggestions on how to get the job done.

  1. Storage containers
  2. Bath & doormats
  3. Lampshades
  4. Bed skirts
  5. Drapes
  6. Throw pillows

Keep reading to learn more about these must-clean items!

Storage containers

You may do an excellent job at keeping your clothes and shoes clean, but what about the places we stick them when they’re not in use? If you use shoe storage containers, plastic bins, or fabric clothing organizers, they’ll likely accumulate some dirt as you use them. Give them a much-needed wipe down with a damp cloth on occasion to keep both them and the items they store squeaky clean!

And yes, this also includes your laundry basket! Just think of how many dirty items land in there. Next time you’re doing laundry (or, better yet, have us doing it for you), wipe out your basket with a damp cloth or a sponge and cleaning solution. If you have a fabric bag or insert, you can even toss that in with your load of laundry!

Bath & doormats

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when’s the last time you cleaned the rugs in your bathroom or your doormat? Depending on their material, you may be able to throw them in the washing machine. For stiffer doormats, give them a rinse down with a hose and let them dry outside.


Lamps are a bright idea for home decor, but a dusty lampshade isn’t! Be sure to dush or wipe off your lampshades with a damp cloth to keep them shining bright.

Bed skirts

You probably have a routine for keeping your bed sheets and blankets clean (right?!), but what about the bed skirt or dust ruffle? They can pick up dirt from the floor and from you getting in and out of bed, so plan on cleaning them when you do your linens!


Drapes can attract a lot of dirt and dust over time! Have them professionally cleaned (did you know LNDRY offers a drapery cleaning service?) every three to five years, or more often if you have family members who are prone to allergies.

Throw Pillows

Even items you mostly use for decorative purposes need a good cleaning now and then! Check your pillows tag for cleaning instructions — you may be able to throw certain pillows into the wash, while others will need dry cleaning.

Have an item in your home that needs laundering? From drapes to bed linens, LNDRY can handle them all. Schedule your free laundry pick up today! We’ll pick up those special items you need to be laundered from your home or office, clean them using our state-of-the-art technology, and drop them back off fresh and ready to be used!



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