6 Ways to Sustainably Clean Out Your Closet

Take advantage of our Summer Donation Drive!

We all have them: those clothes that sit in our closets and dressers for months without even being so much as looked at. Whether they’ve gone out of fashion, don’t match your style anymore, or don’t fit right, they’re not being worn, and they’re taking up valuable space.

But don’t drag out the garbage bags just yet! The United States throws away as much as 17 million tons of clothing and textiles each year. 

Instead of dumping your used clothes in the trash, consider a more sustainable option. Here are a few of our favorite ways to repurpose old clothes!


You can always find a thrift shop or charity in your area accepting clothes and donate your items there to give them a second lease on life! 

If you’re in the San Diego area, check out our Summer Clothing Drive with the Lucky Duck Foundation running June 10th – 25th! Here at LNDRY, we believe that clothes are an essential part of feeling confident and expressing yourself. That’s why we’re working together with this great organization to get clean, quality clothes to the people who need them the most.

We’ll pick up your special items for free, launder and restore them, and give them to people in need who can use them for job interviews, family reunions, and other important events. All you need to do is schedule a pick-up and use the promo code “LUCKY” at the end. How’s that for an easy way to clear some space out of your closet and feel good about where your items are going?


This method isn’t as easy as dropping your old jeans into the recycling bin with your cans and glass bottles. But more and more textile recycling companies are popping up, and some clothing retailers have even started recycling programs of their own. Do a quick search for textile recycling options in your area to see what’s available!


Feeling crafty? Turn the clothes you don’t use anymore into funky items you will! Try projects like turning old t-shirts into purses or quilts, turn button-down shirts into cute off-the-shoulder tops, or distress your old jeans until they’re torn and trendy. Check out more options for upcycling your clothes here!

You can also consider donating your old clothes to places like animal shelters that can use them for rags or blankets or a school that may need them for art projects or theater costumes.


You heard us right! Double your environmental friendliness by composting fabrics like 100% cotton, hemp, or bamboo.

Fix them

Are you avoiding an item of clothing because it has a hole or needs a bit of hemming to fit you better? Americans toss out around 600 pounds of clothing in our lifetimes because it’s damaged. Help reduce that statistic and practice your sewing skills by giving your clothes a little TLC and making them good as new!

Hand them down

While you may not want to wear certain items anymore, there’s a good chance someone you know will! Ask around to see if any of your friends or family would like to “shop” your closet for the items you’re going to give away. You can even pass your fashion taste to the next generation by saving a few particularly trendy or fun things for a dress-up box for the kids in your life!

One crucial way to ensure that the clothes you love stay looking fabulous and ready-to-wear is laundering them properly. LNDRY’s clean and fold service can take the guesswork out of laundry day by picking up your clothes, washing and drying them according to the methods that work best for their fabric and style, and delivering them right back to your home or office.

Schedule your free pickup today and see why so many San Diegans trust LNDRY to keep their favorite clothes sparkling clean and stylish!  



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