How to Make Clothes Last Longer

Keep your favorite outfits looking as new as the day you bought them with these tips.

It’s a tale as old as time: You buy a new article of clothing that you love, wear it a bunch, but over time it starts looking a little… rough.

Colors fade, the fabric starts to stretch or wear out. But there is hope!

There are a few smart ways you can make your clothes last longer, many of which are related to how you launder your items (hint hint). Let’s get started!

Wash them less often

It seemed counterintuitive, but it’s true! Washing items of clothing more than they’re designed to be washed can lead to stretching, shrinking, color fade, and even the item falling apart completely. 

This tip doesn’t apply to things like underwear or workout clothes that get dirty after one use, but items like jeans or sweaters can last a few wears before being cleaned. This goes for dry cleaning too — check out our blog post on how often you should get your nicer, more delicate items dry cleaned for more tips!

Launder your clothes correctly

As tempting as it is to throw your entire hamper into the wash, not laundering your clothes according to the instructions on their care tag can end up shortening their lifespan. Plus an overcrowded washer can lead to damage.

Be sure to check your clothes’ tags for the temperature of water you should be using to clean them, as well as the drying instructions. Don’t want to mess with sorting out your clothes? Let us handle it, with our hassle-free pick-up clean and fold service. 

Store them thoughtfully

No, stuffing all of your clothes into a dresser isn’t good for their lifespan, but neither is hanging them all up! For hangable items like nicer pants and shirts, use wooden hangers that will prevent your clothes from stretching out in the shoulders. 

If you have heavier items like sweaters, fight the urge to hang them at all! Their weight will cause them to stretch, leaving you with a saggy, droopy mess the next time you go to wear it.

Give them some TLC

To truly make your clothes last, it’ll take a little work on your end that’s totally worth it. For starters, you can carry a stain pen with you so you’re ready to start fighting a stain whenever it occurs.

You can also learn how to fix small rips or holes yourself with a need and thred, so a minor tear doesn’t have to mean a garment has reached the end of its lifespan.

Buy quality pieces

At the end of the day, one of the best tips to make your clothes last longer is to invest in quality items. A cheaply made piece of clothing will inevitably fade or fall apart no matter what preventative measures you take, but a well-made garment will last for several years with the right care.

Leave your laundry to the pros

Another surefire way to keep your clothes looking great (and save yourself some time) is to trust the team at LNDRY to do it for you! We’ll pick up your laundry and wash or dry clean it according to the specifications on the care tag, so you know it’ll be in great shape when we drop it back off.


If you’re ready to make the switch to a team of laundry professionals, schedule your first free pick-up today!



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