Laundry Service Vs Washing Machine: Which One Is The Winner?

Laundry Service Vs Washing Machine: Which One Is The Winner?

Have you ever had to change plans with friends for lunch  because it was laundry day? We know how you feel. Since everyone is busy these days, it makes sense to hire someone to do some of your everyday tasks, like mowing the lawn or doing the laundry.

In fact, by 2024, the market for laundry and dry-cleaning services is expected to reach $180 billion, as more people use professional laundry services, which have been shown to work well.

Here are some good reasons why you might want to hire a laundry service instead of doing your own laundry at home.

1.      Money Expenditure

A good, fully automatic washing machine can cost between 719.10 USD and 1200 USD. Some cheaper options may come from less well-known brands, while more expensive models with more features may cost more.

Considering that a good washing machine usually lasts about 11 years, the average cost per month for fully automatic machine paid for in cash is 729 USD.

2.      Sorting Techniques

Sorting clothes before washing them can be a tedious and time-consuming task that can feel overwhelming when done at home. Sorting by weight, type of fabric and color can be a hard job that many people don’t have the time or energy for.

A laundry service uses professional sorting techniques to put your clothes in piles based on their color, material, and quality of fabric before washing them. Their sorting methods are very effective and reliable, which makes doing laundry more efficient and effective.

3.      Better Quality

Laundry services know how to take care of your clothes and other fabrics. Each kind of fabric has its own best way to clean it. Similarly, different stains require different procedures. Hand washing or using a regular washing machine isn’t as good, and it can even damage fabrics that are more delicate.

But laundry services have tools that are made just for taking care of clothes. They also know the best way to wash each fabric, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes losing their color or getting smaller.

4.      Time-Saving Advantages

Hiring a professional laundry service is a great way to save a lot of time. With how busy life is these days, it can be hard to find time to do laundry at home. The average American does their laundry every day for about 30 minutes.

We offer dry cleaning and alterations in San Diego, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can save time and energy and keep up with your busy schedule by having your clothes picked up on a regular basis. When you use a professional dry cleaner, your clothes are clean and fresh when they come back to you one to two days after you schedule the pick-up.

LNDRY is dedicated to offering eco-friendly and reusable solutions. We use a unique method to dry clean your clothes that use SAND instead of harsh chemicals. This method helps cut down on cross-contamination and the wearing out of clothes.

So, Who Is The Winner?

Whether you should buy a washing machine or use a laundry service depends on your needs and preferences. A washing machine is convenient for people who have time and space, but a laundry service saves busy families or businesses time and work. In the end, it depends on factors like time, money, quality, and how convenient it is.


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