Winter Clothing Drive

LNDRY works with the Lucky Duck Foundation to restore all your old clothes and donate to those in need

LNDRY understands the value of proper personal representation through style and clothing. We want to assist those transitioning out of homelessness and back into their lives by providing the much needed support and resources of clean clothes.

We believe that clothing is an important component for self-expression, growth and confidence, therefore, we’re working with the Lucky Ducky Foundation to get these items into the possession of those that can immediately benefit from looking confident and presentable.

How The Donation Pick-up Works:

All donations pick-ups are FREE and no card is needed. Just add promo code - LUCKY - at the check-out.

Dry Cleaning San Diego

Place your donation clothes inside a bag. Fill out the form below to schedule a free pick-up. On the third section of the form, please add the promo code “LUCKY”.

Wash and fold San Diego

Someone from the LNDRY team will come pick-up your donation clothes. LNDRY will clean and restore your clothes and bring it to great condition. 

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Once your clothes have been cleaned, we will deliver it to the Lucky Duck Foundation where it will get donated to those in need.


We want to create a connection between the person donating items to those receiving it.

Beyond the financial investment one has made, we recognize that for many people, clothing and other items, represent a moment in time, earlier years or a link to memories.

When considering giving away these items to traditional donation centers, people fear that their special clothes will be thrown away or go unused, but this is not the case with the Lucky Duck Foundation.

LNDRY, with help of the Lucky Duck Foundation, can tell a story about the purpose and production of people’s special items, with the goal of providing those transitioning out of homelessness, clean and restored clothes to build their confidence, go to their first job interview, reunite with their family, see their first grandchild and to overall possess the same items we should all be provided to feel like they fit in our city of San Diego, all the while displaying themselves as the unique individual they are.

All donations pick-ups are FREE and no card is needed — you just need to create an account and add promo code “LUCKY” at the check-out.

Our address:

1105 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA

Our phones:

(619) 233-0980

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