9 Items That Only Need Cleaned After Every 3 Wears

Are you one of those people that is constantly doing laundry? One of the reasons might be because you are washing after every wear. The truth is, there are many items in your closet that don’t need to be cleaned every single time.

Save yourself time and energy by only having these 9 items dry cleaned (and picked up/delivered back to you) every 3 wears or uses.

items to dry clean

1. Pajamas

Unless you sweat in your sleep, wear your pajamas three nights in a row and no one will bat an eye! 

2. Bath Towels

As long as you hang your towels up to dry after your bath or shower, you don’t need a new towel each time you rinse off!

3. Bras

Prolong the life of your bras by only washing them after every three wears. Have them dry cleaned for an even longer lasting life and preserve the shape and function. 

4. Camisoles

Similar to your bras, your camisoles are delicate items that should not be washed after every wear..

5. Dresses

Multiple wears before washing of a dress is a common practice and helps keep the dress in top shape. Avoid ruining the dress in the washer by having it dry cleaned!

6. Skirts

A skirt is just like a dress, without the top. It should be cared for in the same manner.

7. Sweaters

Sweaters are chunky and take room in the washer and use a lot of water. They don’t need to be washed after every wear. Dry cleaning them will help avoid that annoying pilling that occurs in the washer/dryer too!

8. Jeans

Unless you’re wearing your jeans out to a dive bar, it is important to not wash your jeans after every wear. This will preserve the color of the denim and provide maximum stretch by that third wear!

9. Dress Pants

Since they are mainly worn in the office, for business meetings, etc., dress pants tend to stay clean for several wears. Dry clean and have them pressed and folded properly to keep the wrinkles out instead of washing.

clothing and laundry

Of course there are exceptions like wearing a dress to a wedding and spilling some wine or sweating from dancing all night but as a general rule of thumb for normal, everyday wear, you can save yourself the hassle of doing laundry everyday by saving these items to be dry cleaned by LNDRY every 3 uses!

If you’re ready to make the switch to a team of laundry professionals, schedule your first free pick-up today!



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