The Ultimate June Perks is Here!

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The Ultimate June Perk Bundle of Cleaning Services is Here!

[/dfd_heading][dfd_spacer screen_wide_resolution=”1280″ screen_wide_spacer_size=”20″ screen_normal_resolution=”1024″ screen_tablet_resolution=”800″ screen_mobile_resolution=”480″][vc_column_text]This month, we’ve partnered with Soapy Joe’s to offer the Ultimate June Perk Bundle! June 1st-30th, you can get 50% off your LNDRY service and a FREE Magic Joe Car Wash from Soapy Joe’s.

Why are we doing this?

San Diego is arguably one of the best places in the world and we want everyone who lives here to be able to experience all that it has to offer. By offering this discount, more of you can get out and enjoy the city instead of being stuck at home doing laundry. Plus, by partnering with Soapy Joe’s, you can cruise the city in sleek style!


Why a LNDRY and Soapy Joe’s Collab?

Both LNDRY and Soapy Joe’s are committed to being environmentally friendly, especially when it comes to water use. At LNDRY we use significantly less water to clean your clothes than the average washing machine at home, and Soapy Joe’s does the same with their car washes. It’s a partnership that just makes sense!


How do I get this deal?

Visit Soapy Joe’s website and sign up to get your FREE car wash. Become a member of Soapy Joe’s and you’ll aslo receive a one-time 50% off LNDRY service coupon!

To use the code:

When you log in or create a LNDRY account, select the ‘Profile’ tab at the top.

Below your information, there is a space for ‘Add Promotion.’

Save changes and the promo will be added to your account.

You will receive the promo code when you sign up as a Soapy Joe’s member.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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